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Saturday, October 23, 2004

MP3 players

I'm thinking of buying one, preferably with quite a lot of storage capacity, but not too bulky. I know that a lot of techie-minded people are very anti-ipod, but what do they recommend instead? Anyone know?


john said...

I have a rio cali which is great. Hardly any memory compared to an ipod or similar but I only use it for running which means storage isn't really an issue and I don't want a device with moving parts (ie a hard disk drive). Reccomend you check out Richer Sounds for deals, also Dixon's tax free if you're flying anytime soon.

john said...

hmmm, don't know what happened to my earlier comment. most odd.

i don't really know a great deal about the high capacity mp3 players, and not really sure why people would be anti-ipod unless it's an extension of being anti-apple. the only real problem i've heard about them is that the headphone socket can work loose internally over time.

that said i went for a flash memory device rather than a hdd one and got a rio cali which i use when i'm jogging round Hyde Park. Am very pleased with it - no idea how the rio HDD devices compare with ipods however...

Colin said...

The geek chat is that ipods are more expensive, don't support as many formats (eg WMA, ogg vorbis or whatever its called), have shorter battery life, poorer sound quality (which is probably debatable), and duff headphones.

They seem to favour iriver, or rio, as far as I can tell. But maybe a smaller one like yours would encourage me to go running?!