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Saturday, February 11, 2006


In case you're curious, these are the cartoons.

They're not very good, but not all that offensive either, from our perspective. Funny old business.


Tom said...

Pleased that I got to see them without visting the BNP site or anything. Yes - incredibly tame, to my eyes at least. Extraordinary that these could provoke so much fuss around the world. Thank goodness I'm not a fundamentalist - psychologically, what must it be like to get irate about stuff like this?

Colin said...

I know I keep going on about this, but Private Eye sheds some light on the situation.

Firstly, as you'll know if you've looked at the cartoons, half of them are actually critical of the whole stunt and the children's author whose supposed inability to find a publisher brought about the wheeze in the first place. A couple rightly predict that the cartoonists will come in for flack out of all proportion to the situation.

A radical Imam in Denmark seems to be most to blame. Apparently he showed the cartoons to ministers of Arab League countries, but added 3 more of his own - one supposedly of the prophet with the face of a pig (actually a picture of a French farmer impersonating a pig at an agricultural show), one of a praying muslim being sodomised by a dog, and one of a devilish figure captioned 'the paedophile prophet'. So by far and away the most offensive 'cartoons' weren't anything to do with Jyllands Posten at all, but went a long way towards inflaming the situation.