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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Aaaargh they got the no. 29


john said...

This wasn't a Routemaster when I were a Londoner btw, it was a modern double decker.

Tom said...

One of the irritating things about newspaper columnists when they write about things like bendybuses, is that their lifestyles are completely different from most people's.

If you're a writer in no particular hurry who is popping into town for lunch with an editor, then coasting on the top of a routemaster must seem a very civilized way to travel.

But for the vast majority of us poor sods who have to get to work for 9.30 every morning, then what matters is not the bus's style or heritage, but that there's actually one with space on it.

Colin said...

Do bendies hold more than a standard double decker though (modern, not routemaster)? Probably easier to squeeze on and off when busy on a bendy, as they've got more sets of doors.

Tom said...

According to an article in Evening Standard, bendy buses have got double the capacity of the old routemasters. Anecdotally, they seem to hold far more people than the old buses (though most of us are standing). I never look forward to travelling on a bendy bus, but at least I can always get onto one. Watching Routemasters fly past without stopping used to be a familiar and depressing experiencce.