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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I hate Macs

Charlie Brooker does too. Long live the ramshackle PC!


Colin said...

Hah! Yes, I saw that and agree. In fact, on Sunday I was ranting to some friends in a similar fashion about the Mac ads (which are all over the tube), and in particular about the fact that in Peep Show I find the David Mitchell character more sympathetic (albeit in a pathetic, slightly twisted way) - so the whole campaign gets the wrong end of the stick. Whichever advertising gits thought it up probably identify with the Robert Webb character and think he's cool 'cos he's just like them.

Tom said...

Great article, which amusingly was running a Mitchell-Webb Apple ad banner along the top. I used to be more a Mac fan, but I was using one last month and found it disorientating and irritating, especially the one mouse button thing.

I find the ad campaign a bit odd because I'd always considered the Robert Webb character to be at least as big a plonker as the Mitchell one. Maybe the ad execs hadn't even bothered to watch the show.

Seumas said...

I haven't actually seen the ads (will go out and find them now). Still, I quite like the iMac. It is very pretty!

Colin said...

Like Tom, I used to work with Macs and thought them superior (which was once true, I think). But after many years of working with PCs I much prefer them. They're cheaper. And easier to fix. And more compatible with everyone/thing else. Macs do look much better. But I know a worryingly high number of people whose Mac laptops have gone wrong on them, and who have then had lots of hassle trying to get them repaired.

Tom said...

Macs are definitely prettier, and there's no doubt that doing multimedia stuff was (and probably still is) much better on Macs. But I think the PC has got loads better in recent years - both in terms of reliability and even appearance (my Dell laptop is quite stylish, I think).

Also, I can never figure out why Macs still have just one mouse button..