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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The best way to find meaning at work? Don't look for it

Some sensible points here, although it does conclude by saying you're lucky to have a job in the current climate and that should be enough - which isn't that encouraging.


Tom said...

Yes, some interesting things here. Clearly this search for meaning in the workplace is a relatively new phenomenon and largely borne out of greater prosperity. But I also think it's symptomatic of the more general unhappiness and disatisfaction which modern capitalism/advertising has manufactured.

The new management culture in the public sector certainly doesn't help. Many people console themselves with lower salaries by the sense of doing 'good' and fulfilling some kind of civic service. It's incredibly dispiriting when you then discover that so much of your work is essentially bureaucratic pointlessness.

Colin said...

On the advertising front, interesting to hear that the govt is considering banning branded packaging for cigarettes. You'd basically get a white box with a health warning and the brand in standard black text. Given that they've banned advertising in most forms for fags, it would - at the very least - be an interesting experiment in testing the power of brands. I think they should do it, but I'm sure they'll be lobbied out of the idea.