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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

No sun link to climate change

(I can't seem to edit the "Title" field in Mozilla btw - Tom did you have this problem?)

There seem to be a lot of people about who have bought the cosmic ray hypothesis re climate warming - thought it might be worth linking to this BBC news item (which I'm going to email to my brother in law).


Col said...

Good stuff!

Tom said...

Yes, I couldn't get the title field to work on my previous post - a shame, as it was my first post for about 2 months!

Lots of people who should know better have given me the sun spots/rays hypothesis. No surprise that it's proved to be nonsense - people just don't want to accept the sacrifices and challenegs that man-made global warming implies.

John said...

Optimistic unrealism (as opposed to depressive realism).