"Then it is dark; a night where kings in golden suits ride elephants over the mountains." - John Cheever

Friday, April 28, 2006

Cameron's secret shoe chauffeur

In case there was any doubt that Cameron's a cynical charlatan who's using green issues as a cheap publicity exercise, see this.


john said...

That's fairly stupendous. I like the bit at the end about arriving in Manchester by helicopter as well.

Environmental tokenism aside I think that Cameron might be a bit too smarmy to win a general election.

Tom said...

Unbelievable! God what a little turd. Its also amazing to see how UK media have embraced Cameron. He's so clearly one of their own.

I think John might be right though. It could be another four years before the next general election, and I think people will have cottoned onto him before then. There again, the government seem to be doing the job for him at the moment.