"Then it is dark; a night where kings in golden suits ride elephants over the mountains." - John Cheever

Friday, October 20, 2006

Breeding for God

This'll cheer you up Tom (!) - an article in Prospect predicting the decline of secularism in Europe and a shift towards a more US-style religious democracy - based partly on the fact that the more devout elements of the population have more kids. Except monks, obviously. Have only skimmed it, so not yet convinced that the theory stands up.


Tom said...

You won't be all that surprised to hear that I've been worrying about this for sometime. Apparently the same trend is occuring in the US, with religious conservatives significantly outbreeding secular liberals. Just what the 21st century needs!

Tom said...

Oops, the above link I gave is out of date (funnily enough, it now links to an article on another recent Fitz topic - the earth without humans). This one works.