"Then it is dark; a night where kings in golden suits ride elephants over the mountains." - John Cheever

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Neo Culpa

Sorry to go back on my word about not posting about Iraq, but this is quite an extraordinary volte face - Richard Perle now publicly saying that Iraq was a terrible idea: vanityfair.com.

And in other news - Bush's favourite Christian evangelical caught buying crystal meth from a gay prostitue! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Brilliant.


Tom said...

Obviously it is quite extraordinary, and slightly gratifying, that now everyone in the entire world, even the "brains" behind the invasion, now admit that it is a disaster.

On the other hand, I find their comments infuriatingly disingenuous and cowardly. None of them are accepting responsibility for 500k deaths, they're just lining up to blame others, specifically Bush + Rumsfeld. It's as if the whole thing would have gone completely differently if it had been implemented by themselves.

I've heard this line from other former advocates of the war (such as Simeon) and it's pathetic. The very idea of the US illegally invading and occuping a middle east country in order to bring western-style democracy was always going to result in this quagmire. Anyone who has studied any history or knows a fragment about human nature could have told them that. The neo-cons shouldn't be blaming Bush, they should be committing hari-kiri.

On the other news item - yes, hilarious, and so predictable. Anyone that spends his entire career ferociously attacking the gay community is so obviously going to be deeply fucked up and have the same closet predilections himself.

Colin said...

Yes, agree on both points. Just hope it translates into electoral damage for current administration, and that Saddam's suspiciously timed sentence doesn't influence things in their favour.

Was quite amused to read John Lanchester's woe at reading www.electoral-vote.com and thinking Kerry had won 2 years ago. Sounds familiar...