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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Secret Policeman's Ball

Amnesty's Secret Policeman's Ball was on recently. One of the acts was David Armand, doing the Torn mime act that you've no doubt seen on the net. Well worth having a look at this version though: link

Any other acts you know of that were particularly good?

[Fixed the name; the one I got from youtube was wrong. He's actually English.]


john said...

Fantastic - that's made my day!!!

"...into something reel" :-D

john said...

You know you can embed the youtube video in the blog post btw?

phaemon said...

I've seen it done, but never thought of it...what's the tag?

john said...

The html is all on the youtube page. Just a cut and paste job.

Colin said...

Who's this Armand bloke then? Is he a comic, or just some internet bloke who became a phenomenon? I hadn't seen that before.

john said...

He's a comic (just checked). The initial Wikipedia entry for him is dated July 2005 but it looks like the Amnesty gig was pretty major for him.

Props to Natalie Imbruglia also :-)