"Then it is dark; a night where kings in golden suits ride elephants over the mountains." - John Cheever

Monday, January 05, 2009

Best of the Fitz 2008

Another year over. Much has happened, both good and bad, but frankly it's not been a vintage year for our blog. In 2004 we had an astonishing 302 posts - in 2008 it was down to just 30. Has Facebook killed the Fitz? Or have we all got better things to do - if so, I'd like to know what. Anyway, there was still plenty of good stuff and, for the record, here are my personal favourites in no particular order:

1) Rainy Edinburgh Morning from the No. 30 Bus

2)Christian the Lion

3)The Best Documentary Ever Made

4)The Drugs Don't Work

5)Happy pi Day


John said...

Just had a quick flick through the last 12 months worth of FT and I suppose it has been a bit of a slow'ish year. Not sure if it is the Facebook effect necessarily - maybe just a lack of post generating meet-ups down Charlotte Street way?

Quite a lot of good stuff nevertheless. I think Col's January link to the John Lanchester Cityphilia article definitely should have an honourable mention for its prescience.

Tom said...

Yes, the Cityphilia article was great - well worth a mention. Any chance of you coming down to London in the next few months? I'm sure you're right and a Fitz get-together could get us going again. Btw, how much are our advertising revenues now?

John said...

$121.52, though there's been very little revenue in the last year (and nothing since July).

I'll certainly try and make it down sometime this year though no idea when this might be...

Tom said...

Well, that's not bad - especially given the collapse of the £ over the last few months. £100 would certainly make for a very good night in the Fitz, especially given how competitively priced it is!

John said...

Sounds good. I'm thinking July maybe - good for the RA summer show doncha know.