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Friday, September 22, 2006

War on Bathtubs

Just read this in an old paper from last week - quite a good John Allen Paulos-esque piece by Gavyn Davies on over-reacting to terrorism.


john said...

Good stuff.

The stat's on flying are funny though. Flying only compares well with car travel if your take a "distance travelled" perspective. If you look at the probability of death per journey cars and planes are just about equivalent.

Tom said...

Good point Jon. For instancee, apparently 2 out of 100 space shuttle missions have resulted in all deaths on board. However, if you were to measure fatalities by miles travelled, the space shuttle would probably be comparable with the car.

john said...

Actually I think the comparison I most recently read was based on "time spent in the vehicle." Spending an hour in a plane carries the same risk as spending an hour in a car.

Mind you I don't know the global context to this - time spent in a developed world aeroplane versus that in a developed world car?

Tom said...

I saw an aviation expert on TV say that, in the west, civilian airplane crashes are pretty much non-existent these days. In fact, despite war on terror hysteria, there's never been a safer time to fly.

Colin said...

Maybe that's why ;)