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Monday, September 04, 2006

What were the causes of 9/11?

This article in Prospect gives the 'top 10 most plausible explanations' for 9/11. It does largely let America off the hook, and the author works for the mainly centre/right New America Foundation think tank, but makes some interesting points all the same.


Tom said...

Yes, this is quite good - some interesting points, and some other not very good ones. Some of the credible ideas he suggests seem to be as equally valid as the flawed ones, and vice-versa.

It does clear up some of the myths about Bin Laden (that he hates freedom etc). It's actually worth taking the time to read exactly what Bin Laden does say - you'll be surprised how reasonable much of it is.

Colin said...

Yes, I like the point about not attacking Sweden. Although some terror suspects got arrested in Denmark today, which isn't far off. Hope you haven't bookmarked the wisdom of BL on your browser, Tom - the security services will be after you.

Tom said...

It's worth checking out this old LRB article, which discusses the words of Bin Laden. As the article points out, some of what he says is disarmingly reasoned