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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Oh No, They Killed Scientology!

Quite enjoying this spat between South Park and Scientology. The episode in question involves one of the kids being mistaken for the new L Ron Hubbard, and revealling all the details of their supposedly secret belief system. It's all about aliens inhabiting human bodies thousands of years ago, and is completely nuts. The episode involves Tom Cruise going off in the huff and hiding in the cupboard, as an excuse for endless jokes about him not coming out of the closet, and R Kelly singing songs about it. You can watch the episode here (scroll down to Nov 16 05).

Did you know that Beck is a Scientologist?


Tom said...

I heard that, weirdly, Beck was raised as a scientologist, renounced it as a load of mumbo jumbo and then re-converted. Bloody idiot.

Colin said...

You basically have to pay loads of money to get in and gain 'enlightenment', by which point they've unearthed your darkest secrets and can blackmail you into staying in and continuing to pay them lots of money. The Tom Cruise rumours are derived from the fact that they can supposedly 'cure' gay people. It's a racket, a con and a cult.