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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Wiki advice

Can anyone tell me how to go about setting up a wiki - preferably a method for non-technically competent people? Is there something like Blogger for doing wikis, for example? Thanks.


phaemon said...

Any particular one you have in mind?

I installed tikiwiki here. I already had PHP and MySQL installed, so it was just a matter of putting the files under the website, and then going to it in my web browser to finish the install (as far as I remember).

You can also buy hosting from a company that already has one set up, if you prefer. Or is this going to be an internal thing on your own server?

Colin said...

Thanks Seamus. Would be happier to outsource, but has to be relatively cheap.

phaemon said...

It seems that Mediawiki is the Wiki software that wikipedia (among others) uses.

So, are you installing this on one of your own machines, or on a web hosts machine?

Colin said...

Not on my own machine, it would be on someone else's. Actually, I might keep it simple and use writeboard instead. I need to organise the collaborative production of a paper.

phaemon said...

Ahh, Ok. If you do decide to install something for yourself, then sounds more the kind of thing you want. One of the departments here uses it for that type of thing.

phaemon said...

Why does that happen sometimes?! I was saying Plone is the kind of thing you want.